SBM Offshore has been alerted to cases of a potential recruitment scam where individuals pretending to represent SBM Offshore contact prospective jobseekers and, in some cases, proceed with false offerings on behalf of our company via fake websites and social media accounts.

SBM has well-stablished third-parties for recruitment services. When contacted by someone acting on behalf of SBM, please observe the follow:

•            No Job Offer is issued without a previous interview and validation by a SBM’s representative.

•            No personal identification documents are required by SBM’s third-parties before a previous interview with a SBM’s representative.

•            Interviews with a SBM’s representative happen either in-person in our offices or, when online, with domain addressees sbmoffshore or ext.sbmoffshore.”

Be vigilant to scams and stay alert!

Want to join our team? Here’s what to expect in our recruitment process.

The Application Process

Our employees are the foundation of our success and with nearly 5000 people worldwide, including circa 600 contractors, our recruitment process needs to be straight forward and effective whilst ensuring a positive candidate experience.

We are a company that continues to develop its talents with backgrounds covering a wide range of disciplines and expertise paving the way for future leaders. We are committed to employing, retaining and developing the best talents in the industry.

At SBM Offshore, interviews may vary depending on the location, nature of role or the criticality of the position itself. However, we aim to ensure the application process is as consistent and simple as possible whilst at the same time adhering to our Ethics and Code of Conduct. The overall process will be:

Step 1 – Application Process

Apply online. Make sure to read the Job Description thoroughly and ensure that you meet the minimum requirements for the role.

Your application will be screened by a Talent Acquisition Specialist who has a deep understanding of the role, the culture and dynamics of the team. Your application will likely be reviewed by your potential manager as well.

We may arrange a telephone interview with the Talent Acquisition Specialist or Hiring Manager to ascertain that you broadly meet these criteria.

Your application process may include technical questioning whereby your responses will be reviewed and assessed in line with job requirements – typically, technical and operational roles will have this assessment.

Step 2 – The Assessment Process

This will usually be a face-to-face interview, however, with varying locations and time zones it may require alternatives such as video interviews. We feel it’s important for you to meet some of your potential colleagues up front, however, some teams are global and in different locations but we will ensure every opportunity is given for you to get a good feel for the working environment.

You should make sure you are clear on what and how you will be assessed and what is expected of you. It’s important to listen carefully and to ask questions if you are not 100% certain of what is being asked of you, be up front about this. Rest assured that asking a question won’t affect your assessment.

The Offer

If you have been successful – Congratulations! Your recruiter will contact you to make a verbal offer.

At this verbal offer stage and assuming you accept this, we will conduct pre-employment screening checks, for example:  educational qualifications, employment history / references and right to work in the region of employment. Some of our more senior roles or business critical roles may require a further level of screening but don’t worry, all this will be made clear in advance and you’ll have plenty of time to get the necessary information together.

Once you have passed our pre-employment screening, we will quickly follow up in writing.  The welcoming process now begins and we’ll do all we can to help you prepare for your new role with us. As well as keeping in touch with you following your job offer, we’ll have everything ready for your arrival. You’ll meet your line manager on your first day and you will be introduced to your buddy, who will be someone who knows the ropes and will be a great point of contact should you need some help.