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Control Room Operator - Sbm Operations

Req Id:  6291
Job Family:  Operations - Offshore Engineer

China Yard BOMESC, CN

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Reports To: Production Supervisor Background: A CRO is capable of operating DCS, Fire and Gas and ESD systems from Central Control Room. He will optimise the process and reduce and control plant upsets. He will respond effectively to emergencies. He will ensure that plant inhibits and overrides are controlled as per procedures and Management System guidelines. He will ensure that that personnel under his supervision are fully competent and aware of their responsibilities. Authority: The CRO is authorised to control and adjust the automated process safely to maximise production efficiency, and to coordinate permits and related isolations for maintenance Immediate Subordinates: Deck Production Operators, & Subcontractors, Vendors, Visitors, Accountable For: Typical Responsibilities & Standards 1) Process 1 Start up, Operate, Monitor and Shut Down Process and Utility Systems. 2 Monitor, maintain and optimise process parameters (Level, flow, temperature, pressure etc) within operating requirements. 3 Compare sample and testing results (API/BS&W/salinity) of process and utility fluids to optimal. 4 Trouble shoot to maximize sales quality and delivery volume to identify problems. 5 Maintain discharge water quality within current O&M Contractor Operations or local guidelines. 6 Monitor and operate electrical/hydraulic control panels, safety and emergency shutdown devices, Fire and Gas Systems. 7 Ensure accurate production reporting is submitted daily or as required by company and client. 8 Witness third party calibrations when appropriate to provide verification of meter factors and volumes. 9 Prove export oil meters. 2) Marine/Safety 1 Implementing and enforcing O&M Contractor Operations Management System policies and procedures in particular Isolation Standards, and PTW. 2 Carry out all operations in safe and environmentally sound manner. 3 Report all discharges, leaks, spills, injuries, and incidents, immediately. 4 Ensure personnel understand and comply with current environmental regulations. 5 Carry out Emergency Response role 3) Maintenance 1 Assist maintenance operations by applying/removing isolations as required. 2 Supervise operation of PTW system. 3 Advise maintenance personnel on hazards of plant and equipment. 4 Maintain clear and precise communications during maintenance operations. 4) Manage & Supervise Effectively 1 Co ordinate activities and resources across teams or shift. 2 Contribute to training and assessment of personnel. 3 Control activities and development of subordinate personnel. 4 Record and report on personnel development/appraisals and competence assessments as required. 5 Efficiency improvement and pursue company goals. 6 Create and maintain effective working relationships Document Code: GM.OO.002.SPC.001 Revision: 0