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Instrument Supervisor-1

Req Id:  959
Job Family:  Construction

China Yard BOMESC, China Yard BOMESC

All the applicants please make sure you have a CompEx or a Chinese Government Authenicated EX certificate before you proceed you application.


Compex or EEHA or equivalent, or Chinese Government Authorized EX certificate holder


Need 1 ICSS Supervisor, 1 Telecom Supervisor and 1 Instrument Supervisor


The Instrument Supervisor will exhibit exemplary safety and supervisory leadership in all matters pertaining to instrumentation works on or pertinent to vessel. He is responsible for ensuring his subordinates are competent to carry out their allotted tasks. He will liaise effectively with other key management personnel. Safety, competence, and maintenance related to instrumentation systems and equipment, subordinate personnel, subcontractors, inspectors, and external and ad hoc services.

Essential functions of the job:
• Comply with relevant authorization procedures, safe working practices and specific instructions
• Complete the work in an agreed timescale, using safe and appropriate methods and agreed procedures.
• Monitor and record the achievement of requirements accurately.
• Use monitoring equipment or procedures correctly to assess the condition of instrument assets
• Conduct monitoring in line with specified timescales and schedules.
• Record and communicate monitored outcomes accurately and in timely fashion.


Main Tasks
• Respond promptly to problems in line with approved procedures.
• Select appropriate tests and diagnostic procedures and apply them methodically.
• Clarify the nature of problems with instrument assets.
• Determine the cause and extent of problems in the performance and condition of instrument systems or assets.
• Use the results of inspections to determine the appropriate actions to take.
• Record an accurate and full description in the appropriate document history
• Sample and check that controlled process discharges from area of responsibility to the environment are within prescribed limits
• Identify and halt unplanned discharges where possible, and reported immediately according to policy, procedure and regulation.
• Equipment, waste or other materials for disposal are dealt with according to the correct procedure
• Resources such as PPE materials tools and spares are not wasted or used inefficiently
• Establish effective relationships with colleagues and subcontractors.
• Establish scope of work clearly (briefings, toolbox talks, presentations.)
• Plan and control use of resources effectively. (Personnel, time, materials, transport, IT).
• Use of communication skills shows leadership (oral, teambuilding, recording, noting, handover, analyzing.
• Objective and consistent in assessment and appraisal of subordinates and subcontractors.
• Makes recommendations and improvements in working practices for greater safety, efficiency and profitability.
• Carry out Emergency Response role
• Demonstrate competence during Emergency Response Drills and training exercises,

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