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Local Buyer-B6 Nantong

Req Id:  3390
Job Family:  Supply Chain

China Yard CMHI - Nantong, China Yard CMHI - Nantong

Working location:CMHI Nantong


1. In order to lead the tendering process in a fair manner and identify bidders that will best meet our technical requirements, budget and schedule constraints, you are to:

1.1. Understand the commercial/contractual requirements of the equipment/service to be purchased and elaborate the bid package together with the relevant disciplines (ie: Engineering, Asset Integrity, Legal & contract…)

1.2. Ensure that vendor qualification process is performed as per Company rules

1.3. Issue request for quotation, expedite and collect offers from bidders

1.4. Analyze the offers and identify areas for commercial or contractual clarifications in order to facilitate discussion with bidders and get offers aligned and in line with Company requirements

1.5. Develop recommendations for the bidder selection based on the input from the relevant disciplines and on the assessment of offered costs, technical requirements and delivery time in accordance with Company Ethics and Compliance rules (eg: competition rules …)

1.6. Fully document the tendering process (i.e. commercial bid evaluation, recommendation to purchase …)

1.7. Ensure that the tactical management of the procurement process (from RFQ preparation till recommendation to purchase) is conducted appropriately and in full compliance with Company working procedures. The measure of your effectiveness in this will be: • Number of requests for quotation processed as per plan • Number of Purchase Orders issued as per plan • Total time of the full procurement process • Demonstrated quality of deliverables (ie: commercial bid evaluation, recommendations to purchase)

2. In order to lead successful contractual and commercial negotiations with vendors, you are to:

2.1. Set up package strategy with close coordination of Package Manager to lead commercial negotiations, using any possible leverage to achieve your targets and obtain competitive pricing

2.2. Perform financial/commercial analysis (market intelligence, cost breakdown structure, benchmark…) of the current scenarios, identify risks and opportunities and recommend options that can drive the final decision to purchase

2.3. Conduct internal contract check points all along the purchase order execution to ensure contractual protections are in place and to minimize contractual /financial risks

2.4. Be responsible for managing any claims with Vendors and develop appropriate settlement plan The measure of your effectiveness in this will be: • Clear and accurate financial/commercial analysis provided to internal stakeholders

3. In order to contribute to the effectiveness of the global Supply Chain, you are to:

3.1. Get familiarized with deliverables provided by Strategic Sourcing and apply them at best (Group Framework Agreements (GFA), Approved Vendor Lists, benchmark, market analysis …)

3.2. Escalate issues with strategic vendors and promote areas for improvement to Group Supply Chain

3.3. Support package manager and/or operations buyer, Category Managers to enable him/her to perform the overall vendor rating The measure of your effectiveness in this will be:

• Knowledge of existing GFA prior the win phase

• Ability to provide accurate feedback about Strategic Vendors

• Knowledge of your market (vendors, innovations, trends)

4. If acting as a lead buyer, you are to:

4.1. Understand Company and project requirements and appropriately assign tasks to team members

4.2. Set team expectations for quality standards and enforce safety requirements to meet project needs, corporate standards, and industry regulations

4.3. Ensure each team member understands his/her role and responsibilities

4.4. Provide support and guidance as needed to team members; partner with direct report for mentoring staff as needed

4.5. Set yearly objectives, proactively assess team performance and partner with the direct report to continuously improve global performance as needed

4.6. Ensure previous lessons learnt are incorporated and promote continuous improvement by sharing new lessons learnt with relevant managers

4.7. Ensure proper communication with internal/external stakeholders to ensure all parties are promptly informed