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Offshore Installation Manager - Sepetiba FPSO

Req Id:  2658
Job Family:  Operations - Offshore Engineer



As Offshore Installation Manager you are the authorized decision-maker on board with regard to the safe operation of the vessel.
You are ultimate responsible for the protection of the crew, of the asset itself and of the environment. You manage the operational delivery of the vessel in line with the requirements of the Management Systems in order to meet the performance targets in the contract.

1 In order to achieve a professional culture of safe and efficient operation, YOU ARE TO :
1.1 Ensure a safe system of work, personally authorizing all of the Permits of Work and visiting daily worksites
1.2 Ensure that the crew are engaged, aware of what is going on around them and they remain aware of the risks involved
1.3 Ensure work is properly planned and risk assessed and that changes are managed efficiently
1.4 Lead by example, sense what is going on and deal quickly and effectively with issues of welfare and conflict
1.5 Ensure that individuals, including contractors, are fulfilling competency requirement and are encouraged to develop solutions to issues
1.6 Ensure that a persistent and aligned approach is adapted and maintained throughout by both Offshore Installation Managers
The measures of your effectiveness in this will be:
 The evidence which proves the Management System has been complied with.
 The proportion of tasks completed.
 The assessment of the Operations (Ops) Manager

2 In order to achieve a trusted relationship with the client that works in SBM’s interest on a day-to-day basis, YOU ARE TO:
2.1 Act as the front-line custodian of the relationship with the client
2.2 Document daily outputs and events and agree this with the On board Representative
2.3 Understand the drivers of revenue, penalties and costs; and trade wisely accordingly
2.4 Deal with issues onboard and only escalate issues where necessary
The measure of your effectiveness in this will be:
 The amount of “noise” onshore – by client feedback.
 Impact on commercial performance – by assessment of the Operations (Ops) Manager

3 In order to deliver a controlled response to incidents, YOU ARE TO :
3.1 Direct the response to an incident from the control room
3.2 Report incidents to onshore representatives in a timely manner
The measure of your effectiveness in this will be:
 The incident response assessment.
 The assessment of the Operations (Ops) Manager.


In order that we make well-informed management decisions that are based on accurate, timely and consistent information, YOU ARE TO :
4.1 Ensure that the Operationds (Ops) Manager is up-to-date and aware of the implications of operational activities.
4.2 Work with the Operations (Ops) Manager and regional staff to find opportunities for improvement.
4.3 Consider the justification and implications of requests for change and accordingly make recommendations
The measure of your effectiveness in this will be:
 The assessment of the Operations (Ops) Manager.
5 In order that we develop our collective capabilities, YOU ARE TO :
5.1 Ensure that the staff is given the opportunities needed to gain experience and the guidance needed to proactively develop their career.
5.2 Ensure that all staff contributes to and learn from our collective experience using the lessons learned
The measure of your effectiveness in this will be:
 The assessment of the Operations (Ops) Manager