Be proactive & Apply! Installation Project Manager opportunities in Monaco (local contract)

Req Id:  6206
Job Family:  Project Management

Monaco, MC

Energy is a fundamental basic need of our society. Fossil fuels, including oil, are an essential source of energy and will remain so until renewable energies have the capacity to meet the growing demand for energy.


Nearly 5,000 SBMers globally are proud to design, build and operate floating facilities that produce more than 1% of the world’s oil. We do it in the safest, most affordable, and most sustainable way. And we continuously strive to reduce emissions, in line with our emissionZEROTM program.


As a leader in floating technologies for the oil and gas industry, we recognize the significant importance of climate change and the growing need for renewable energy. We invest in products and services that enable the transition towards renewable energy, with a focus on Floating Offshore Wind, Wave Energy, and Carbon Capture and Storage. In addition, we also develop Smart Digital Services to improve and support everything we do.

Oceans play a central role in producing the energy of today and of tomorrow. We work together with the world’s leading energy companies to make that happen. We act responsibly and ethically so that communities where we operate benefit from our presence and activities.


We are committed to sharing our experience to deliver safe, sustainable, and affordable energy from the oceans for generations to come.

We are Energy. Committed.


The Installation Project Manager is the company's authorized representative with the client, and has the overall responsibility to deliver the project as per plan and to manage commercial result.


Job description:

In order to create an effective team YOU ARE TO:

  • Define and maintain the project organization and responsibilities.
  • Establish structure and reporting arrangements for the Project Management team.
  • Ensure the team has the balance of skills expertise required to deliver the Project Execute plan.
  • Manage communication across the various internal Projects’ members.
  • Foster team work.
  • Drive and lead the pace where required and inspiring others to achieve.

The measure of your effectiveness in this will be:

  • KPIs (financial, schedule, safety and quality).
  • Client’s satisfaction.


In order to deliver project as per plan YOU ARE TO:

  • Define scope of the contract.
  • Set-up the project based on budget and schedule.
  • Own the Execution Strategy and Execution Plan and direct project activity to achieve successful completion.
  • Cascade the Project objectives/ targets to the Project team and ensure they are well understood.
  • Reassess and Challenge the performance improvements by reviewing work schedules/plans, reducing costs, maximizing use of resources, etc.
  • Ensure corrective actions are in place based on expert advice as required.
  • Drive the safety culture throughout the project.
  • Ensure that project risks have been suitably addressed, shared with project team and cover by commercial contingencies in main project forecast and mitigations are in place to reduce these risks.
  • Maintain a focus that is wider than just the technology challenges.
  • Prioritize between competing interests by applying a sense of judgement that understands the 'big picture'; Make decision arbitrage in line with final target.
  • Optimize costs and expenses, and manage project cash flow to improve lifecycle profit.
  • Look for commercial opportunities within the scope of the contract as well as managing the risks, anticipate challenges and report them to Management.

The measure of your effectiveness in this will be:

  • Project plan respect.
  • Return On Investment – Perform according original forecast.
  • Client’s satisfaction.


In order to achieve the client's acceptance of scope of work completion YOU ARE TO:

  • Act as the nominated representative of the company and ensure that you interface at the right level with the client.
  • Prepare a thorough contract analysis in order to understand and manage the contract documents and to ensure that the team understands and adheres to them.
  • Ensure that the Client is notified as soon as a change in scope is detected in accordance with the terms of the contract documents and follow Contract variation procedure.
  • Ensure consistent information is given to the Client.
  • Understand the client's perspective and provide reassurance that the project is under control.
  • Pre-empt concerns by communicating in a timely manner with the client and more widely externally (banks, Joint Venture partners, Supervisory Board)

The measure of your effectiveness in this will be:

  • Consistency and quality of information
  • Timeliness of client acceptance of contract delivery (not only product, service and documentation too)
  • Client’s satisfaction.

The same outcomes are expected with all clients, both externally and internally.


Job requirements:

  • Masters Engineering Degree or equivalent
  •  Minimum 5 years in O&G industry in offshore installation activities
  • Ability to analyze, maintain and track schedule of activities including critical path analysis
  • Ability to analyze, maintain and track budget and financial forecast
  • Knowledge of offshore installation market
  • Experience in offshore project installation
  • Solid Planning and organization experience
  • Understanding of financial context and constraints
  • Strong Reporting and analysis capabilities


Behaviours & inter-personal skills - Key points:

  • Good communication
  • Ability to interface and coordinate multi discipline activities
  • Ability to take initiative and drive results