Floating wind turbine global performance analysis - Internship

Req Id:  13348
Job Family:  Trainees

Monaco, MC

Internship Title : Floating wind turbine global performance analysis

The FOW market is developing worldwide, in anticipation of future commercial projects. SBM Offshore has developed an innovative floating structure for offshore wind turbines, allowing the economic development of floating wind farms.

SBM’s floating structure is using tension leg mooring technology. Other types of floating support structure for wind turbines include spars, barges and semi-submersible platforms. The objective of the proposed internship is to gain insight in the evaluation of the performances of other types of floater, starting with the semi-submersible technology. The focus will be made on the global performance of these systems, in a variety of environmental conditions.

For the purpose of these analyses, numerical models of floating wind turbines will be developed. This type of analyses requires the modeling of the floating wind turbine structural dynamics, aerodynamics, floater hydrodynamics and control algorithms. The software OrcaFlex will be used for this purpose.

Over the course of the internship, the following point will be addressed:

            1/ Modal analysis to compute the natural frequencies and natural modes.

            2/ Simulations to evaluate the global performance of floating wind turbine.

            3/ Analysis of results to evaluate performance.


 Knowledge and skills:

-             Experience and/or degree in hydrodynamics or aerodynamics or structural modeling

-             Programming and algorithm, Signal analysis, Statistics


Software knowledge :

-              Programming skills (Python or equivalent)

-              A previous experience with Orcaflex is a plus


Other requirements:

-              Self-learning, Autonomous, Good English level, Curious, Rigorous