Internship - Offshore Installation and Digitalization

Req Id:  14188
Job Family:  Trainees

Monaco, MC


As part of core business of SBM Offshore as ocean solution provider (i.e. Floating Windfarm, FPSO…), installation at sea of its own product is a key component. Along the years, lot of project data have been cumulated and only a low amount of available data is being used.  Objective is to liberate this data and better support commercial team to strengthen our offers.


Submitting firm offers to our client on such amount required some engineering work to support it. As such, proposal team is mobilized and as installation engineer, you have to develop installation method statement, offshore schedule and budget that match client requirements and past projects experience. Conciliation is often difficult due to offer submission deadline and key data being not framed to be analysed.

Your Role

There is no cursus that prepares to jump into offshore installation world. Although you will first start working in group and out of your comfort zone on true study case during which you will explore various tools, meet engineering & operational teams of the department as well as presenting your work on each sprint (every 3d).

Following this first phase, you will work on installation offer with experience engineer to be delivered to our client. During this phase, you will have to get good understanding of key data that required to be accessible to speed up proposal process. Your will work with high autonomy and develop your ideas on short loops basis to be agile.

What it will bring to you:

    • Introduction to large project life cycle;
    • You will have opportunity to work with experienced people from various engineering disciplines;
    • Build-up strong problem-solving skills;
    • Substantial gain in experience of offshore industry;


    • 3rd year of engineering school;
    • Open minded and able to synthesize lot of information in short time frame;
    • Familiar with Python, Power BI and data science is a plus.
    • Good written and oral communication skills (English);