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Simulation of offshore wind turbines internship

Req Id:  9998
Job Family:  Trainees

Monaco, MC

Simulation of floating wind turbines


With the emerging floating wind market, the need to model complex floating foundations and to perform coupled dynamic analysis of floating wind turbine systems is key in the design process.


This type of analysis requires accurate modeling of the coupled wind turbine structural dynamics, control algorithms, aerodynamics, floater hydrodynamics, floater structural dynamics and mooring system.


Nowadays, a series of software solutions are available on the market to perform such analysis.


SBMOffshore is using since many years the Orcaflex solution from Orcina for its hydrodynamic/ mooring analysis. Since few years, Orcina offers the possibility to perform aeroelastic simulations to model the turbine on top of the floater.


The objective of the proposed Internship is to evaluate the solution offered by Orcaflex. The focus will be on the turbine modeling, primarily based on a generic turbine from the literature.


This will require to develop the following points:

            1/ Full understanding of the aero-elastic capabilities from Orcaflex and comparison with the various software solution on the market.

            2/ Perform aero-hydro-servo-elastic simulations of fixed and floating wind turbine.

            3/ Benchmark the results of Ocaflex with respect to available results and/or results from other softwares.


 Knowledge and skills:

-             Experience and/or degree in hydrodynamics or aerodynamics or structural modeling

-             Finite elements modeling, Programming and algorithm, Signal analysis, Linear algebra, Calculus, Statistics


Software knowledge :

-              Programming skills (Python or equivalent)

-              A previous experience with Orcaflex or a wind turbine simulation software is a plus


Other requirements:

-              Self-learning, Autonomous, Good English level, Curious, Rigorous