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Cargo Operator - Sbm Operations

Req Id:  1296
Job Family:  Operations - Offshore Engineer

Rio Office, Rio Office

Reports To: Cargo Supervisor
Background: The Cargo Operator will exhibit a high standard of safety behaviour and will ensure that all aspects of Cargo and Cargo Utility operations and maintenance are carried out safely and effectively.
Authority: The Cargo Operator is authorised to carry out cargo loading and offloading and maintenance of cargo systems and utilities.
Immediate Subordinates: Visitors, Sub Contractors

Accountable For: Typical Responsibilities & Standards
1) Prepare for Start up, Monitor and Shutdown Cargo Operations
1 Prepare to Start Marine and Cargo Operations
2 Start up Marine and Cargo Operations
3 Monitor and Maintain Marine and Cargo Operations
4 Prepare and shutdown Marine and Cargo Operations


2) Isolate, Maintain and Reinstate Pumproom and Cargo Systems
1 Operate under PTW and Isolation Certificates and conduct toolbox talks.
2 Contribute to Tank Entry, Inspection and Maintenance Activities
3 Test Isolations for integrity to company procedures
4 Depressurise, drain and vent, de-gas, the plant or system as required according to procedures or operating guides
5 Confirm that the working area is free of hazards as per Permit or procedure using appropriate tests, (gas/H2S Inert,Volts etc)
6 Communicate effectively with team and CCR
7 Perform maintenance activities within limit of responsibility and training
8 Perform De-isolation; testing and re-instatement of plant are carried out according to procedure.


3) Monitor And Maintain Pollution Control Measures
1 Ensure that controlled process discharges from area of responsibility to the environment are within prescribed limits
2 Ensure that unplanned discharges are identified, halted where possible, and reported according to policy, procedure
and regulation.
3 Deal with equipment, waste or other materials for disposal according to the correct procedure.


4) Perform Emergency Response Role
1 Carry out Emergency Response role.
2 Demonstrate competence during ER drills and exercises.

Training See Vessel-specific Training Matrix (HSEP Shipboard Manual.)
Competence See Cargo Operator WAM (Vol. 2 Competence Assurance System Manuals)

Units Of Competence
1. Prepare to Start Cargo Operations.
2. Monitor and Maintain Marine Operations
3. Prepare and shutdown Marine Operations
4. Isolate Maintain and Reinstate Pumproom and Cargo Systems
5. Monitor And Maintain Pollution Control Measures.
6. Carry Out Emergency Response Role
7. Provide any additional duties as required by the OIM/Unit Spt. and /or HOD to maintain safe and efficient running of the Unit.

Pre-hire Qualifications and Experience.
 3 years experience as Pumpman on oil tankers (VLCC experience preferred)
 STCW Reg AIII/5 certification.
 Understanding of Permit to Work systems; Mechanical Isolation Standards, Risk Assessment and COSHH
 Medically fit to offshore International standards such as ENG1 or equivalent.

Personal Skills
Personal: Conscientious, flexible, versatile and determined. Capable of assertive and positive communication and performance.
Leadership: Good safety attitude. Good levels of written and spoken communication in English language. Positive attitude to team work
Technical: Appropriate standard of technical, legal and professional knowledge as defined by competences.
IT: Practical familiarity with standard ‘Office’ software package. Operation and use of Internet and electronic mail system.