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Crane Driver - Sbm Operations

Req Id:  1301
Job Family:  Operations - Offshore Engineer

Rio Office, Rio Office

Reports To: Cargo Supervisor 
Background: The Crane Driver will exhibit a high standard of safety behaviour and will ensure that all aspects of crane operations, rigging, slinging, crane and lifting gear maintenance and operation are carried out safely and effectively.
Authority: The Crane Driver is authorised to operate the crane and lifting equipment and perform first line maintenance.
Immediat Subordinates: Banksman, Slingers, Visitors, Sub Contractors

Accountable For: Typical Responsibilities & Standards
1) Develop And Maintain Effective Working Relationships
1 Establish and maintain effective working relationships with colleagues and visitors to the working environment
2 Establish and maintain effective communications with team, colleagues and supervisors
3 Carry out accurate and effective work toolbox talks and handovers

2) Conduct Slinging and Rigging Operations
1 Perform weight assessments and Risk Assessments prior to lifting awkward loads.
2 Check preparation of loads for lifting. (Load is secure and stable.)
3 Use various lifting items (plate clamps, barrel lifters chain hoists etc).
4 Perform bundling and slinging of ‘simple’ and ‘awkward’ loads

3) Perform Effective Signalling/Communications
1 Movement and place of loads using appropriate hand and radio communication techniques
2 Rig, sling and position blind load using appropriate hand signals and radio communications

4) Operate Specialised Plant and Machinery to Performance Requirements: Lifting and Transferring)
1 Prepare and set up crane or lifting machinery
2 Operate Plant and lifting machinery
3 Shut down and secure crane and lifting machinery
4 Perform deck lifts and vessel lifts following all relevant procedures and guidelines (inc weather

5) Crane and Lifting Equipment Maintenance.
1 Perform routine crane maintenance
2 Compile maintenance reports, raise work orders for defects For unplanned work, liaise with onshore support group
and vendors as necessary where sanctioned by Maintenance Superintendent.
3 Ensure work is completed and accurately recorded
4 Store tools & equipment safely. Dispose of waste and debris correctly
5 Maintain slinging equipment (slings, hooks, webbing plate clamps, barrel lifters chain hoists etc)
Job Description Crane Driver (Contd)

5) Contribute to The Health and Safety of the Working Environment
1 Work area within your own responsibility is kept clean and free of hazards.
2 Positive action is taken to stop hazards and unsafe behaviours
3 Alarms are raised as appropriate and/or acted upon using applied policies and procedures or initiative
4 All potential and actual incidents are reported to the relevant supervisor

5 Record maintenance activities and report defects immediately and effectively

6) Monitor And Maintain Pollution Control Measures
1 Controlled process or utility discharges from area of responsibility to the environment are within prescribed limits
2 Unplanned discharges are identified, halted where possible, and reported according to Management Systemguidelines.
3 Equipment, waste or other materials for disposal are segregated properly and dealt with according to the correctprocedure.

7) Perform Emergency Response Role
1 Carry out Emergency Response role.
2 Demonstrate competence during ER drills and exercises.

Units Of Competence
1. Develop And Maintain Effective Working Relationships
2. Slinging/Rigging
3. Signalling/Communications
4. Operate Specialised Plant and Machinery to Performance Requirements: Lifting and Transferring)
5. Contribute to The Health and Safety of the Working Environment
6. Monitor And Maintain Pollution Control Measures
7. Carry Out Emergency Response Role
8. Provide any additional duties as required by the OIM/Unit Spt. and /or HOD to maintain safe and efficient running of the Unit.

Pre-hire Qualifications and Experience.
 Recognized qualification of Competence in Crane Operations. (Level 3)
 Experience in crane operations on mobile offshore units.
 Rigging slinging and general deck experience
 Certification as per STCW Reg A II/4 preferred.
 Medically fit to offshore International standards such as ENG1 or equivalent.

Personal Skills
Personal: Conscientious, flexible, versatile. Capable of assertive and positive communication and performance.
Leadership: Good level of initiative and safety leadership. Good levels of spoken communication in English language.
Technical: Appropriate standard of technical and safety knowledge as defined by competences.