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Mechanical Technician - FPSO Offshore

Req Id:  1312
Job Family:  Operations - Offshore Engineer

Rio Office, Rio Office

SBM Offshore believes the oceans will provide the world with safe, sustainable and affordable energy for generations to come. We share our experience to make it happen.  Take part in a world-class, diverse, and talented team committed to responsible business conduct and see where the future takes you.   #ENERGYCOMMITTED


Reports To: Mechanical Supervisor
Background: A Mechanical Technician is responsible for ensuring allotted mechanical maintenance and repair work is carried out safely, efficiently and according to procedure and that his supervisor is made aware of all activities, especially where safety is an issue.
Authority: A Mechanical Technician is authorised to maintain and repair vessel mechanical equipment and systems.
Immediate Subordinates: Subcontractors, Visitors, Vendor Representatives Instrumentation probationer techs.

Accountable For: Typical Responsibilities & Standards
1) Dismantle Repair and Reassemble Mechanical Equipment.
1 Identify potential sources of hazard prior to dismantling.
2 Use correct procedures and correct method of dismantling.
3 Carry out the correct isolation and disconnection procedure.
4 Identified, checked and prepared components.
5 Apply appropriate tests and test equipment to ensure reassembly is correct and effective


2) Use of Condition Monitoring on Mechanical Equipment.
1 Adjust instruments to meet the operating specification
2 Make adjustments with minimum disruption to any ongoing activities and minimum waste of resources.
3 Monitor and record what has been carried out in work history or log.


3) Diagnose faults in Mechanical Equipment.
1 Respond promptly to problems in line with approved procedures.
2 Select appropriate tests and diagnostic procedures and apply them methodically.
3 Carry out Visual, Close and Detailed inspections on Mechanical equipment.
4 Use the results of inspections to determine the appropriate actions to take.
5 Record an accurate and full description in the appropriate document history

4) Monitor and Maintain Pollution Control Measures.
1 Unplanned discharges to the environment are identified, halted where possible, and reported according to policy, procedure and regulation.
2 Relevant PPE is used to deal with unplanned discharges using company procedures
3 Equipment, waste or other materials for disposal are dealt with according to the correct procedure.
4 Environmental protection and pollution control are enforced effectively with colleagues, subordinates and subcontractors.


5) Contribute to The Health and Safety of the Working Environment
1 Work area within your own responsibility is kept clean and free of hazards.
2 Positive action is taken to stop hazards and unsafe behaviours
3 Alarms are raised as appropriate and/or acted upon using applied policies and procedures or initiative
4 Colleagues and subcontractors are alerted ASAP of any hazards or potentially dangerous changing conditions.
5 All potential and actual incidents are reported to the relevant supervisor.


6) Emergency Response

1 See Station Bill. Perform emergency response role.
2 Demonstrate competence during Emergency Response Drills and training exercises.
Training See Vessel-specific Training Matrix (HSEP Shipboard Manual.)
Competence See Mechanical Technician WAM (Vol. 2 Competence Assurance System Manuals)


Units Of Competence
1. Dismantle and reassemble Mechanical Equipment
2. Monitor and Maintain the condition of Mechanical Equipment
3. Diagnose faults in Mechanical Equipment
4. Monitor and Maintain Pollution Control Measures
5. Contribute to The Health and Safety of the Working Environment
6. Emergency Response Role
7. Provide any additional duties as required by the OIM/Unit Spt. and/or HOD to maintain safe and efficient running of the Unit.

Qualifications and Experience:
 Proven experience and/or qualified to N/SVQ/HNC/HND in Mechanical Engineering or local equivalent
 3 yrs experience desired with offshore experience preferred.
 Experience and knowledge of hydrocarbon processing systems and utilities.
 Good experience of Permit to Work, Mechanical Isolation Standards and Risk Assessment.
 Medically fit to offshore International standards such as ENG1 or equivalent.

Personal Skills
Personal: Safety aware. Conscientious, flexible, versatile and determined. Positive.
Leadership: Good levels of written and spoken communication.
Technical: High standard of analytical, diagnostic technical and professional knowledge on rotating
equipment, seals, bearings, pneumatic, electro-pneumatic, electro-hydraulic, and hydraulic systems
IT: Use standard Management System ‘Office’ package electronic mail system.
Diagnostic software and equipment as required.
Maintenance Management System packages.


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