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Maintenance Engineer - Santos Shorebase

Req Id:  3547
Job Family:  Operations - Onshore Maintenance

Santos Shorebase, BR

Additional Location: 

Maintenance Engineer 


As a Maintenance Engineer you receive, assess, and prioritize feedback on the Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS).
You maintain and ensure integrity of CMMS and you are the focal point for Operations ROLE CONTRIBUTION

In order to ensure Unit Maintenance Performance and efficiency during the life cycle. YOU ARE TO:

Support the Maintenance activities of Operations through inputs / data entry

Continuously improve the Maintenance Management

Provide historical data to stakeholders

Provide Audit support to stakeholders

Provide Operational feedback to stakeholders

Receive and respond to requests from stakeholders

Provide KPI reports to the business


The measure of your effectiveness in this will be the :
Backlog and on time completion of the work orders
Cost of Maintenance (per vessel) and the Equipment availability
Number of requests not elevated to the Maintenance Lead level
Fulfillment of all audit requests and the number of audit findings closed
Timely and accurate reports (feedback from the users)


In order to ensure Integrity and Safety of the Unit YOU ARE TO:

Deliver CMMS training to stakeholders and ensure CMMS is used per management system –

Maintain accurate CMMS

Management of change in the CMMS

Manage the Maintenance Alert System


The measure of your effectiveness in this will be:
Number of Audit findings

Backlog of Change Requests
Number of Maintenance Alerts.